Monday, May 10, 2010

Claw footed love

I've been obsessed with claw footed bathtubs ever since I can remember. Especially if they are vintage. Anything vintage is good by me. Now the tubs I'm talking about are also the soaking types...the ones where you go to sit down and the water goes all the way up to your collar bones. I'm only 5'4" I don't think this would be a big issue. I want a claw foot soaking tub so much! Colin said that when we buy a house and finally get settled somewhere more permanent, if the bathroom is big enough, he will install me one. I love the ones that are not attached to walls and kind of in the middle of the room....haha he has a hard task awaiting him. I plan on helping him, though. I'm spoiled and very picky...I also want a separate walk-in shower in the bathroom.

Here are some claw-footies that I love...

You can also see another bathroom that I adore in my previous Dream Home post.

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