Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

I know my post is a day late, but I couldn't not do a post about my Dad. Many people think their dad is the best, mine truly is though. I honestly feel like there isn't a better father than my own. He wasn't around much when I was very little, but it was because he had to do what he could to make a living. He was starting his business and making it successful, which it eventually was. To this day, he has not fully retired and probably never will...he loves what he does. And what he does is pretty amazing. But even with all his traveling, we were close. We have so much in common. Same hair, similar eye color, same laugh, same walk, same personality, same temper (gotten me into trouble many a time), etc. I love him so much!

Dad, when I think of you I think of:

* "Dancing feet!"
* Surprises!
* Travel
* Allowances and sneaking cash into my bag, books, my pocket, etc.
* Root beer floats
* The blue diamond pinkie ring of yours that you lost and were so upset about and I found it inside the couch at age 8. You gave me this ring 2 years ago. It is the same shade of blue as your eyes.
* Farts. Sorry, had to point this out. Hehe!
* Anything and everything Italian.
* That song, "Put Your Back Into It."
* Helicopters and planes.
* Nice cars.
* Jokes.
* Making me laugh so hard that I cry and can't breathe. I'll never forget that time in Paris when we all drank way too much wine at dinner and you and I kept laughing and would not be quiet and Mom was mad at us cause it was late. She was laughing too, though.
* Spit balls.
* "Beth, there are a lot of stupid people in this world and you are NOT one of them!"
* The fax machine incident. I love how you never ever take crap from anyone!
* Entrepreneurs.
* Butter Pecan ice cream.
* Banana Pudding.

And so much more! I love you, Daddy!

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