Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh Domino...

How I miss you! Please come back Domino Magazine. You were the best interior design magazine ever. Can my other "design nerd" friends recommend other great decor mags? Nothing seems to match up to Domino.


  1. I have every issue. My absolute favorite magazine ever! i still mourn...

  2. Yes, yes, yes! That magazine was superb- SUCH a shame!!!! I miss it too. And also, I'm 5'5"! ahah, funny you asked how tall I am- my height is dull and average :)

  3. have you checked out Lonny mag? it is an e-zine from some of the folks who used to work at domino. the best part...completely free! you can view it online in a sort of magazine form or even print it out if you so desire. some other great e-zines that i have found are southern flourish and sweet paul. just fyi!